What Do You Hold?

DiamondsRubies LotusHands What Do You Hold? Trickle Down. What Do You Hold? Knowledge. Image not available. Image not available. What Do You Hold? Wishbone.

These photos are from the series called "What do you Hold?" The work has evolved from conversations about what we hold in life, both literally and metaphorically. The physical objects held in the hands contain tangible and intangible ideas: love, time, beliefs, dreams, aspirations, wishes, passions, and relationships.

We have looked at what we hold with a sense of humor and with seriousness. For instance, the piece "What do you Hold: Gemstones" emerged in part from a sense of play, using a common fantasy in adventure stories involving the looting of dragon hoards, emperor’s vaults and robbers’ caves. It appears to be a handful of precious stones, but the real trickery played here is more serious than misleading the eye with cubic zirconium and garnets. The hands holding the jewels are cast from our daughter, Annalisa. To us, she is the treasure.

We hope each viewer will bring their own interpretation of the work, and that the images will be a spring board for them to add to the conversation of what we hold.